Why My Wazifa’s And Dua’s Are Not Working?

Why My Wazifa’s And Dua’s Are Not Working? Rules Conditions!

Do Wazifas work? This is a bashful or Badgumani in Urdu, its importance entireties up to sadness and minimum or having no confidence in ALLAH. Truly, the reality, reality behind this disappointment must be found. Reduce your transgressions now! on the off chance that you don’t do this, your petitions won’t get acknowledged. The reason being, as you make increasingly du’a, your want won’t be satisfied however sins will be diminished.

Terms and Conditions of Wazifa to Show Favorable Results

There are certain rules for every Islamic wazifa to make it acceptable by ALLAH.


Sometimes many peoples ask me about why my wazifa is not working? They ask about what rules they are not following because of those rules we are not getting success. Endless circumstances I got this message “Why is My Wazifa Not Working? What rules I am not following, what conditions to be met?” Many-a-times individuals whine that why they ain’t get a yield from the battle and execution of wazifa. Along these lines, through this post, I will toss a light and endeavor to address previously mentioned issues. This will help you to get your coveted outcomes. Insha ALLAH, Ameen.

This is the perishable wicked world. A person is more inclined to mistakes. Mistakes here means sins. We are loaded with sins. Our day by day exercises comprise of multitudinous sins. What we, for the most part, feel nowadays is Islam dependably says this is Haram! That is Haram! Quit doing Haram! In any case, we are absolutely ignorant of the reality that the world we live in is loaded with Haram. It is totally against the lessons of Islam. The post Why is My Wazifa Not Working? Principles and Conditions! will clear up the questions, uncover a genuine photo of the issues and guide us to the noble way Insha ALLAH. At last, these standards and conditions will help lead us to the accomplishment of wazifa.

Weighing Sins

People, who at some level trust they should keep away from transgression, still attempt to see exactly how close they can get to the edge. A substantial weight of sins may be the reason why any single wazifa isn’t giving the outcomes to you. You bombed in the wazifa! In the interim, someone else who is doing likewise wazifa has got the achievement. Truly, the reality, reality behind this disappointment must be found. Reduce your wrongdoings now! on the off chance that you don’t do this, your petitions won’t get acknowledged. The reason being, as you make increasingly du’a, your want won’t be satisfied however sins will be reduced.

Self Analysis

It’s an ideal opportunity to play out a self-investigation now. Note down the whole past exercises that you did. Presently, bifurcate them kinds of sins including in those exercises. For instance, Once I yelled in an outrage on my mom, this is a wrongdoing. Self-examination will help you to take right choices.

Stop All Haram

After the self-examination, you are compulsorily required to abstain from submitting sins in future. Doesn’t make a difference if the transgressions are minor or major. You should dodge and you should maintain a strategic distance from. Forgiveness of sins in Islam is simpler in the event that you feel regretful and guarantee not to rehash it. Now and then, when you are guiltless and you conferred in that honesty.

ALLAH ko Yad Karne Ka Sahi Tareeqa

How to Pray in Islam?

ALLAH Jalla Jalaluhu ko yad karne ka wahi tareeqa ikhtiyar kia jaye jis ki taraf ALLAH Jalla Jalaluhu aur unke Rasool SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam nehamarirehnumaifarmaai Hai. Read How to Pray in Islam?

ALLAH Jalla Jalaluhu ko yad karne ka jo bhi masnoon tariqa apnaya jayee, isme ikhlaas niyat behad zururi hai, yad-e-Ilahi me ikhfaae mustahab hai, aur is se ikhlaas bhi paida hota hai or riyakaari raah nai pati. Ikhfaae isliye zururi hai ki namood wa numaish or riyakari niyat amal ko barbad kar deti hai. Read Islamic Muslim Baby Names

ALLAH Ta’ala ko khooshu wa khoozoo or tazree wa zari ke Sath yad Kia jaez. Gaflat or bechaini amal ko zaayah karne ka sabab banti jati hai. Aajizi, Inkisari, Yaqeen, Muhakham or Umeed paheem ke baghair yad-e-Ilahi be maayne hai. Read Women Rights in Islam.

ALLAH Ta’ala ka irshad hai:

“Tum apne parwardigaar ko pukaro ro kar gidgida kar or aahista-aahista, waaqai ALLAH Ta’ala hadd se tajaweez karne walo ko pasand karta hai.”

Surah Al A’araaf Verse Number 55

Do you Need Faith, Dedication, and Humility?

Khushoo’, Khushoo, aur Tawakkul ke Fawaid

Sins will be excused in the event that you focus appropriately and have sufficient faith‟, as the Prophet SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam stated:

“At the point when a slave stands and asks, every one of his wrongdoings is brought and set on his head and shoulders. Each time he bows or prostrates, some of them tumble from him.”

Detailed by Al-Bay’haqi in al-Sunan al-Kubraa, 3/10; Saheeh al-Jaami

Al-Manaawi stated:

“What is implied is that each time a column (a basic part) of the petition is finished, some portion of his wrongdoings tumble from him, until the point that when he completes his supplication, every one of his transgressions will be expelled. This is where every one of the conditions is met and the fundamental parts are finished. What we comprehend from the words “slave” and “stands” is that he is remaining before the King of Kings [ALLAH] in the situation of an unassuming slave.”

Announced by al-Bayhaqi in al-Sunan al-Kubraa, 3/10; Saheeh al-Jaami

ALLAH Ta’ala ke bhot se sifaat inaam hain jin ke zariye utilize pukara jaaye. Jis kism ki hajat ho usi sifaat inaam se istafaadah kia jaye to behtar hai. Lekin ghaurkare ke na bahot buland awaaz se bulaya jaye aur na howdy bilkul pastt awaaz se pukara jaye. ALLAH Ta’ala. Read How to Name a Child in Islam?

How to Get your Du’a Accepted by ALLAH?

This is a quite basic thing and I generally specify. What and how you should ask for Allah Ta’ala? In the wake of performing wazifa. Liberating from the whole procedure of the wazifa make a dua in such a way, to the point that:

Your tears begin moving down your cheeks. Ask in a low tone and delicate voice.

  • The fair feeling while what you are asking to ALLAH Ta’ala.
  • Continuously allude to others thusly:
  • Individuals of associate,
  • Relatives,
  • Companions,
  • Requestor (one who asked for a du’a), and
  • Your family, and
  • Make a dua for yourself in the last piece of your du’a (at last).
  • Remember to discuss this no less than 3 times previously and no less than 3 times after your du’a.

La ILaaha Illa Anta Subhanaka Inni Kunto Minazzaalemeen.

Parvar digaar tere se siva koi Ma’abood nahi Tu (har ‘aib se) pak wa pakiza hai beshaq me qusoorwar hu.

پرور دگار تیرے سے سوا کوئی معبود  نہیں تو (ہر  عیب) پاک وہ پاکیزہ ہے بشاق مے قصوروار ہو

परवर दिगार तेरे से सिवा कोई मा’अबूद नहीं तू (हर ‘ऐब से) पाक व पाकीज़ा है बेशक़ में क़ुसूरवार हूँ|

Why is My Wazifa Not Working? Rules Conditions! is another initiative by me to guide my lovely people who have become hopeless!